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For sale apartment Dragomirova, 17B -"Novopecherskie Lipki"

  • USD
  • EUR
  • UAH
  • 145 800 $
  • 126 103
  • 3 900 338
Dragomirova, 17B
area: 44.17 m2

Dragomirova, fo sale an apartment in a new building, panoramic windows, free planning √ Own branches of banks and a new post office;
√ Premium Fitness Club – GYMMAXX, UTA Tennis Academy, sports playgrounds, clinics, clinics and pharmacies for your physical health;
√ Landscape park, SPA-salon, cafes and restaurants, pastry shops, beauty salons and boutiques for your emotional health;
√ Kindergarten – LEAPKIDS, Novopechersk school, Study Academy International School, STUDY.UA, British International School, Fun extracurricular education workshops, Child Development Center – SWEET KIDS for your wonderful legacy.

  • 1 room
  • after construction
ID 130352
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A wonderful 1-bedroom apartment is for sale in the residential complex “Novopecherskie Lipki”. - A compact (55m2) and multifunctional apartment with the correct layout, which includes a kitchen combined with a living room, a zoned sleeping area with a large double bed, as well as a combined bathroom with a bathtub. - For maximum comfort, as well as for a visual increase in space, the repair was done in warm colors using quality materials. - The apartment is completely ready to move in: expensive furniture, household appliances from leading brands, interesting and calm interior. - The residential quarter is elite, adhering to the concept of “city in the city”: the closed quarter, which is guarded 24/7, has a pass system, and also has its own infrastructure, which includes everything necessary for life (restaurants, shops, post offices, recreation areas , sports clubs and much more).
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  • renovated
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  • lift
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Dragomirova 3
49 m2

Apartments in the residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki. Spacious apartment on the view floor, a great opportunity to zone and distribute the area at your discretion. Near the house is a landscape park. The quarter with its infrastructure - kindergartens, schools, shops, restaurants, a sports complex, a swimming pool and much more.

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  • lift
  • after construction
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  • 142 709
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Dragomirova, 71/2
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The Real Estate Agency "Novopecherskie Lipki" offers for sale a one-room apartment (57 m2) in the prestigious residential complex of Kiev Novopechersky Lipki. Excellent layout, spacious rooms, an elevator to the underground parking, security of the territory, own developed infrastructure.
  • 1 room
  • lift
  • after construction
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