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Buying and renting apartments in the center of Kiev – is the main aspect of the work of  leading real estate agencies, but one should remember about another, not less important aspect – commercial real estate, on which the real estate agency «Novopecherskie Lipki» successfully works. Luxury real estate in Kiev is the most attractive segment of the capital market and a good location for the development of business services. Modern residential complexes, such as Novopecherskie Lipki, are already considering the design of non-residential commercial realty, as it is important for residents to have the opportunity to get the full range of leisure, entertainment, nutrition or health care services within the boundaries of your residential complex.


Commercial real estate is profitable to buy both for the development of their own business and for renting. The «Novopecherskie Lypky» Real Estate Agency successfully cooperates with all categories of customers, including buyers and tenants. It should be noted that Real Estate Agency «Novopecherskie Lipki» conducts an analysis of infrastructure objects in order to optimally meet the needs of residents of the «Novopecherskie Lipki» and to avoid over-saturation with a certain type of service. This approach is important for potential tenants, as it gives an insight of what kind of business should be developed, which kind of potential services will be the most interesting for the residents of premium residential complex. For buying or renting, you can choose facilities with free planning and the availability of terraces. Owners of commercial objects in «Novopecherskie Lipki» may be sure by renting their square meters, as the Real Estate Agency Novopechersky Lypky controls the condition of the placement, timely payment of utilities and the provision of relevant reports.


To buy an apartment on Pechersk and develop your business here – is the most successful financial investment with a long-term perspective. All the necessary information concerning the lease or sale of non-residential objects will be provided by the Novopechersky Lipki real estate sales department.

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