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Money loves silence – the capital truth, known to everyone. Therefore, it is no coincidence that financial assets everywhere invest in elite residential real estate. An immense demand for apartments in prestigious residential neighborhoods, providing a complete package of services for a comfortable and safe stay. How to invest money so that not only do not lose them, but also multiply? The solution is obvious. Money is best to invest in residential real estate. And not just in residential real estate, but in the elite. And that’s why.


As can be seen from the practice, expensive apartments are available in residential complexes and clubhouses in well-developed areas of the city with well-developed infrastructure. And the higher their cost, the higher the level of comfort, reliability and security of housing. For example, in our capital, the most expensive and most prestigious residential real estate is mainly concentrated in the Pechersk district (for example, Living complex «Novopecherskie Lipki», «Boulevard of Fountains», «Central Park», «Tetris Hall»). The average cost of apartments varies from 60 to 70 thousand UAH / m2. For the sake of justice, it’s worth noting that elite residential real estate can be found in other districts of Kiev, but less often.


Acquiring elite real estate in a prestigious residential complex has many advantages. First of all, investing in square meters, you invest in the future. After all, the cost of expensive housing is rising over time. But this is not all. In addition to the desired residential property you get a full package of related services that make life in apartments in residential quarters as comfortable, pleasant, carefree and safe.


Some premium residential quarters have their own real estate agencies and work closely with interior bureaus that are capable of fulfilling orders of any complexity, embodying the most daring designer imaginations.
For example, in Novopecherskie Lipki Living complex there is an official real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki, which will help you to find an apartment that meets all your expectations and the investment. Due to the wide variation of the architecture of the residential complex, you have the choice of apartments of different planning (more than 14 variants), different areas, with any kind and on any floor. So, the real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki sells one-, two-, three-, four- and five-room apartments, as well as multi-level apartments and penthouses with their own outdoor roof terrace. In addition, each client can count on a high level of service: the real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki assumes the responsibility for legal support of the purchase and sale of housing at all stages. By working with him, you can be sure that all documents will be in full order.


As you know, the king makes a retinue, and comfortable living conditions – developed infrastructure. The Novopecherskie Lipki Living complex has successfully implemented a unique concept of “city in the city”, which provides everything for active rest and comfortable living: supermarkets, financial centers with swimming pools, medical centers, schools, kindergartens, sports and playgrounds for children and adults , restaurants and cafes, bank branches, underground parking and closed parking for bicycles and more – in short, all that is necessary for a comfortable life of even the most demanding citizen. At the same time you can absolutely not worry about preserving your property, movable and immovable, as well as for the safety of your children. After all, the block is equipped with personal pass-through systems, have round-the-clock security with video surveillance. Also in buildings there is an automatic fire alarm system and water fire extinguishing system.

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