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Hygge Interior: Scandinavian Design at Home


You already know, that Scandinavian design has reached the hearts of landlords from all over the world. It is in the top 3 most popular interior styles, it has a lot of natural light, neutral shades, natural materials.

Scandinavian interior design – is a mix of simplicity and complexity at the same time. It is usually chosen by those who prefer minimalism, by true aesthetes and high-quality connoisseurs.

Space and light are two basic principles of Scandinavian interior design. The layout of such an apartment should be extremely functional, each item has its own place, while daylight is complemented by a large number of artificial lamps.

Interior design is often made in one color. It’s not always white, by the way, although its shades prevail. Such color scheme has many advantages: A Scandinavian designed apartment always seems larger and roomy. This is an excellent solution for small areas, as well as for apartments located on the “non-sunny” side.

In the Scandinavian interior there are no chic carpets, antiques, gilded details. The main “investment” – are natural materials that are used for home decoration. These are wooden floors and countertops, custom made shelves, chests of drawers and coffee tables, simple, multifunctional and comfortable furniture in the bedroom and in the living room.

“But what shall we do with the imagination?”, you ask. Bright accents are the highlight of the Scandinavian design. Colorful textiles, kitchen utensils or upholstery color are up to you. Please, don’t run mad after them, remember about minimalism and pithiness.

Hygge is the main principle of Scandinavian lifestyle. This is a feeling of coziness, comfort, pleasant communication, satisfaction, inner well-being. Be sure – your Scandinavian-style apartment will be just like that. Your island of confidence and happiness in the chaos of a big city.

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