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In the HC “Novopecherskie Lypky” their gardens – “Gardens of the World”

Kristina Katana, an expert at the rental department of the Novopecherskiye Lypki Real Estate Agency, shared another secret of the attractiveness of the residential quarter:
“In the spring-summer period, the immediate proximity to the green zone, the opportunity to hide from the heat in the cool of foliage, to walk among the grasses and flowers, is the most urgent issue for our customers.” That is why most people choose the Novopecherskie Lypki RC complex.The park has a park called ” Gardens of the World “, represented in all the diversity of cultures and plants from different parts of the world.
In addition, in close proximity to the complex is the Botanical Garden. Grishka. Walking to the garden takes only 10-15 minutes, and a convenient transport interchange will make it easy to get to any suburban area. “

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