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Spring is confidently coming into the capital, inspires changes in our environment and ourselves, prompting us to strive for more and think how to improve the quality of our lives. An important vector of movement in the direction of renovation is the change of housing. Buying or renting an apartment on Pechersk will be a good financial investment, because it is so nice to invest in your own welfare, comfort and cosiness. To prevent any external factors from eclipping the moment of your first meeting with your new home, we advise you to seek help from the real estate agency.


The first and perhaps the most important step is the choice of apartments. At first glance, it’s easy to choose the number of rooms according to your budget. However, such an approach is not entirely correct and it is important at this stage to consult with experts of the real estate agency. Leading real estate professionals will help you to choose an apartment according to your needs, provide advice on home planning and communications, and pay attention to the availability of multi-level apartments and penthouses, as well as non-residential premises, which in the future may be useful for the implementation of business ideas. It is this information and consultation principle that has been chosen by real estate agency Novopechersky Lipki, that has been successfully working in the field of renting and selling elite real estate in Kiev for many years.


The most responsible and troublesome part is the signing of a lease / purchase agreement, but if you co-operate with a real estate agency, you will be able to save as much time as possible. Specialists will take control of the maintenance of the agreement, including preliminary negotiations on the real estate object, the correctness of the registration of title documents, will also help to choose the most optimal way of financial calculation. At the final stage, realtors will provide for the state registration of property rights documents.


An important and long-awaited moment of buying a home turns into a special moment if you decide to buy an apartment in residential complex «Novopecherskie Lipki». Real Estate on Lypky is synonymous with intelligence, success, good taste and sophisticated architecture. Contact the Sales Department of the Real Estate Agency Novopechersky Lipki, choose a space for purchase or lease, and feel the benefits that are always available to the owners of luxury real estate in Kiev.

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