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In modern dynamic world there are still things and aspirations that do not lose their relevance. One of those dreams of successful people is to rent or buy an apartment in the center of Kiev. The Pechersk district is the undisputed leader in the ranking of an attractive living space, as it is characterized by its picturesque and comfortable atmosphere. It is the right place, where the experts of real estate agency “Novopecherskie Lypky” recommend to buy elite property in Kiev.


The Pechersk district is the smallest area, but, in fact, there are located government buildings and business centers, and the cultural, scientific, political and business life of the capital pulsate. In this part of Kiev you can buy or rent a home for any taste: apartments in buildings that are architectural monuments, apartments “Stalinka” or built in the last century on a special project, or modern premium-class accommodations. Despite all the love for historical monuments of architecture, we advise you to choose an apartment in elite residential complex. The real estate agency «Novopechersky Lypky» explains that there are a number of requirements for elite housing – which are not limited to using during the construction of the latest technologies and environmentally friendly materials. An important aspect for belonging to the premium class is the availability of green zones, enhanced security and the implementation of the «city in city concept» – the availability of all necessary infrastructure (educational and medical facilities, art galleries, beauty salons, fitness clubs, shops and catering and entertainment), which will allow you not to leave the territory of your own residential complex. Specially created own service center “Novoservice” frees residents of “Novopecherskie Lipki” from any concerns related to servicing and prevention of communication networks.


The residents of the Novopecherskie Lipki have already been able to appreciate the impeccable service and exceptional atmosphere of comfort that prevails in the residential complex. Convince yourself of that!


Real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki in a residential complex will help to save time in search of housing. The leading agency experts will introduce you the exclusive properties of residential and commercial real estate in the secondary market of the complex and the benefits of the inhabitants of the “Novopecherskie Lipki”.

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