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The Layout of the Apartment and Interior Design: Trends of 2020


This article will be useful if you have already become the proud owner of a new apartment and are getting ready for the renovation. Picking the house of your dream’s future style is not an easy task. Therefore, we have compiled some main next year trends in interior design for you.




“Neo Mint” – a rich mint shade – will be the main color of 2020. Also, turquoise and blue remain at the top. So, choosing any of these colors for your apartment, you definitely will not lose. The blue palette will be appropriate both for the general background of the apartment and bright accents in the interior.




Wood, natural stone, bronze, iron are at the top of season 2020. Skillfully placed accents will make the space fashionable. Zoning with a multi-colored glass will look good.




There should be a lot of lights in a modern house. It is not fashionable anymore to decorate a room with one large chandelier. Even in a small room, several lighting sources need to be considered at once. Also, lamps can be used to create special accents in the interior.




As for furniture, along with natural materials, pay attention to soft fabrics. Eco-leather, suede, velour, velvet and other “cozy” textiles fit perfectly into the interiors of a living room, bedroom or guest room.




Since proximity to nature is one of the leading trends of the coming season, we advise you to pay attention to natural decor made of wood, as well as green plants. They are the best suited for the living room or bedroom. Vintage also becomes relevant.


Do not forget that the interior of any apartment must be individual. Design made exclusively for your needs will last for many years.


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