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Thrift is the same money

Semyon Filinsky, an expert of the rental department of the Novopecherskiye Lipki Real Estate Agency, believes that the best objects for investment are real estate objects in the Novopechersky Lipky residential quarter:


“Real estate is always in demand, and real estate in the residential quarter” Novopecherskie Lipki “is attractive doubly – it is an advantageous and safe investment of your investments. Real estate is a strong currency and buying residential or commercial properties in Novopechersky Lipki, you multiply your savings. We calculated that renting an apartment, you compensate its cost in a maximum of 12 years. And this is with monthly “dividends”.


Real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki helps in a short time to surrender the property and assumes the subsequent full management: control over the state of real estate, timely payment of utilities, provision of reports, and you receive only profit. “

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