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Top 3 most popular interior styles

It doesn’t matter if you have already bought an apartment or you just plan it. Surely you’ve already thought about the interior style, which will be executed your housing. Let’s talk about three most popular interior styles.



Here, of course, we would like to start with the history of the appearance of this style, but it is very difficult to trace. Minimalism developed throughout the entire history of architecture and in one way or another was used in the design of residential and non-residential premises. However, it only in the twentieth-century designers defined the minimalist style as using a small number of décor and various details in the interior.


The main differences of this style are follows:

  • comfortable and functional arrangement of objects;
  • simplicity and conciseness of forms, almost the lack of decor;
  • free space;
  • natural materials;
  • the use of strict geometric shapes and only calming colors.


Scandinavian style

It would be strange not to mention it, talking about the most popular interior styles. The main idea of the Scandinavian style is the release of space and the rejection of the consumption of unnecessary things.


The main features of the Scandinavian style in the interior are:

  • a lot of natural light in the room;
  • and even more light — using of various sconces, floor lamps, and other lamps;
  • the predominance of calming colors;
  • use of natural wood in the interior: furniture, floor;
  • a small amount of decor.


Open plan

This style came to us straight from the United States. The idea of ​​open plan came from the design of various factories and industrial premises. The basis of this concept is a combination of different architectural solutions, textures, and materials.


The basic rules for open plan style apartments are:

  • nearly complete absence of partitions, areas in the apartment are separated by furniture, colors;
  • brick walls, pipes under the ceiling, rough plaster;
  • the combination of “industrial” textures with modern furniture and appliances;
  • high ceilings and a lot of light;
  • unusual decor: various posters, graffiti, and even road signs.


Any of these styles will look great in a modern apartment. Novopecherskie Lypky Real Estate Agency will be able to help you not only with the selection of an apartment, but also decide on the need for repairs and determine the style. Our partner design bureau Mastersky will provide a full range of apartment repair services.

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