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Why are Novopechersky Lipki suitable for both families and youth?

My home is my castle. A dream apartment is one that meets our ideas about comfort and functionality. But we are all different, which means that our requests for housing may also differ. Why will Novopechersky Lipki suit you? We try to answer this question.

Novopechersky Lipki is a premium class residential complex for 4 thousand apartments located in Pechersk. Designed like a cozy home for everyone – couples with children, and young professionals, who are keen on their career.

For the family

What do young parents think first of all? About the safety of their child, about his confident future, about a productive time for themselves. Novopechersky Lipki satisfy all these requirements.

There are kindergartens and schools, a variety of shops, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, a fitness club, even medical clinics in this residential area. You can comfortably arrange your new life with a small family member and minimize the amount of household stress.

For young people

What is important for a young ambitious specialist who are at work all day long? That’s right: a home that fills with strength. For a good rest, you need a calm atmosphere. But also matters the remoteness of your apartment from the office in the city center. You don’t want to waste your precious time in traffic jams, do you?

That’s why Novopechersky Lipki is perfect for young people. 24-hour security guarantees the absence of unpleasant situations and parties right under your windows. The green area is perfect for morning exercise. And all the necessary infrastructure will eliminate the need to ride around the city.

For all

Spacious parking will be a pleasant bonus for the Novopechersky Lipki residential area: there is enough space for cars for everyone.

The convenient location of the complex in the central district of the capital, a nearby botanical garden, art galleries, cinemas, favorite places and all kinds of other entertainment – all this is no longer the ultimate dream, but basic needs for each of us.

Novopechersky Lipki  has already taken care of these little things so that you can feel happy.

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