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  • 1 200 000 $
  • 1 037 883
  • 32 101 548
Zvirynetska, 16
area: 400 m²

Spacious 2-storey building has an area of ​​400 sq. m. This building is characterized by an aesthetic facade, as well as a unique, beautiful and practical layout. The cottage has 7 rooms, and the living area is 180 m2. The large hall with a dining area and a seating area looks chic. The large living room with high ceilings allows you to relax with comfort or take guests. There are also 3 cozy bedrooms on the second floor, 2 bathrooms with jacuzzi and pantry, gym, kitchen with necessary built-in furniture and household appliances. Your cars can safely be placed in the garage, where there are enough parking spaces for three cars.

  • furnished
  • renovated
  • open planning
ID 056554
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Sale of deluxe class apartments. St. Ivan Mazepa 11В. Residential complex "Diamond Hill". The total area is 308.5 sq. M. Ceiling height - 3.2m. Open planning - complete freedom for your creative ideas. The magnificent panorama of the city, the coastal zone and the Dnieper River, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the Park of Glory, proximity to the center, remoteness from the main roads and places of active gathering of people - all these are undeniable advantages of this object.
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Michurina 61
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For sale a spectacular apartment in the club house "On Michurina" on the street Michurina, 61. The house is located on the border of the National Botanical Garden. To the entrance to the botanical garden 5 minutes on foot. The house has autonomous heating, a system of preparation and purification of water H2O, ventilated facades, window systems Reynaers. Parking for 16 parking spaces. The elevator is down in the parking lot. Lounge area with outdoor pool, fitness room, barbecue area located on the roof of the house with its own infrastructure and stunning spectacular characteristics on the hills of the National Botanic Garden, Batkivshchyna Mati, Dnipro River, which "burn" at night time and cities, the left bank of Kiev . The apartment has a total area of ​​508m2 with its own terrace. Free lay-out of the apartment will allow you to conveniently place your bedroom and living area. Panoramic windows allow you not only to enjoy the beautiful view, but also make the apartment bright. Your apartment awaits your bold designer solutions! Choose the best for yourself.
  • furnished
  • open planning
  • lift
  • after construction
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