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Агентство нерухомості «Новопечерські Липки» - єдине офіційне агентство від забудовника ЖК «Новопечерські Липки».

About Agency

Real Estate Agency “Novopecherskie Lipki” is the only official agency from the developer of the residential complex “Novopecherskie Lipki”.


A team of experts with the most extensive experience in working with objects in the residential complex:


  • absolute knowledge of the residential complex “Novopecherskie Lipki”;
  • the entire base of objects – apartments, non-residential premises, parking lots;
  • all exclusive offers – rent and sale;
  • full client management – from familiarization with the complex to the client’s desired result;
  • individual support at all stages;
  • property management services for owners and investors.


If you want to receive high-quality service from professional experts – contact the real estate agency “Novopecherskie Lipki”





Gorskiy Vladimir

Director of the real estate agency "Novopecherski Lypky"

Pogrebnova Natalia

Head of Sales Department

Filinsky Semyon

Head of the Rent Department

Litvin Natalia

Expert of Sales Department

Shumkov Igor

Expert of Sales Department

Goncharov Dmitry

Expert of Sales Department

Chupil Ksenia

Expert of the Rent Department

Olga Kamenskikh

ЭExpert of the Rent Department

Khlypa Kristina

Expert of the Rent Department

Bilousenko Maya

Expert of the Rent Department

Hoi Alexander

Expert of the Rent Department

Adamian Artem

Expert of the Rent Department

Mukha Ekaterina

Expert of the Rent Department

Bondar Yanina

Expert of the Rent Department

Scherbakova Alena

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