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How is it really – to live in the center?
And what is more, pluses or minuses?
Let’s start with the advantages of living in the center:

To be the owner of an apartment in the city center means to have a certain status.
This home is a long-term investment for your family.

Most companies prefer offices in the center of the capital.
Getting to work without traffic jams can save you a lot of time and also increase your daily physical activity.

Some of the best shopping malls, shops, gyms, medical clinics and more are located in the city center.
Service in such places will always be at a decent level.

Prestigious schools, private kindergartens, sports centers and universities within walking distance are a definite plus towards life in the center.
Confidence in the future of the younger generation saves a lot of nerves for busy parents.

Cultural life is in full swing in the center of the capital.
It’s always nice to have a choice for your pastime: theater premieres, film festivals, or a long walk in your favorite park with the whole family.

If we talk about the disadvantages of living in the center of the capital, the following points are worth mentioning:

Air purity
Of course, the level of air pollution in the center is much higher than in the suburbs.
Therefore, purifiers and humidifiers are a must have for those who live here.

Traffic congestion
All roads lead to the center, which means there are more cars here.
Finding a convenient parking space can take a lot of time, therefore, first of all, pay attention to the availability of parking lots in the residential complex.

Proximity to popular entertainment venues can be uncomfortable.
When choosing housing in the center, you should pay attention to the complexes with security and closed territory.

The choice of the apartment of your dreams should not be spontaneous and thoughtless.
We will help you find the best housing for your family to rent or buy and answer all your questions.

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