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Why does our client choose to work with the official Real Estate Agency “Novopecherskie Lipki”?

Real estate is one of the safest, most stable and rational methods of preserving and increasing your capital, thanks to the receipt of passive income. Investments of this kind are essentially uncontested for Ukraine.

Of course, the higher the class of housing, the better  location, infrastructure and quality of construction, than will be  higher its profitability. Accordingly, the places of concentration of such high-quality and promising housing in terms of income are becoming a tidbit for any participant in the unregulated real estate market in our country. And this means that any “gold diggers” of the 21st century (we are talking about inexperienced realtors or with no experience at all) can enter the working field of any price segment and almost any residential complex, hoping to snatch their piece from mediation. It is the problem of the unregulated market that gives rise to the problem of the quality of service provision, complicates and increases in time the process of concluding a transaction, spoils customer relations in general, and there is also a possibility of incurring financial risks.
The residential complex Novopecherskie Lipki is one of the most large-scale, developed and demanded residential complexes of the “Business” and “Elite” classes in Kyiv, which makes the internal real estate market of the quarter as saturated and competitive as possible.

The value of real estate as an asset is understandably high here. And this, of course, requires an appropriate level of services related to real estate transactions. Maintaining control over the domestic market of objects here is carried out thanks to the work of the Official Real Estate Agency “Novopecherskie Lipki” from the developer. This is a huge advantage for owners and investors, as well as for buyers and tenants.

It is here that professional experts work who have been accompanying the participants in the real estate market of the Novopecherskie Lipki complex for many years, based on the main principles: quality of service, guarantees of transaction security, efficiency, confidentiality, full customer support, responsibility and exclusivity.

The status of the official agency for the real estate market of Novopecherskie Lipki gives clients exclusive advantages for cooperation. In the official real estate agency that property owners can count on the constant availability of demand from the target interested parties and, accordingly, on the speedy rent or resale of their real estate. And those wishing to buy or rent real estate will receive the widest selection of offered objects in the complex, exclusive offers and conditions that are available only in the official real estate agency Novopecherskie Lipki.

The official real estate agency “Novopecherskie Lipki” is the exclusive partner of the developer’s sales office for all transactions with realty in the complex.
Kiev, Dragomirova str. 18

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