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Third lockdown – how will it affect real estate?

Third lockdown – how will it affect real estate?

“The past 2020 has shown that our home is no longer just a place to spend the night or spend the weekend.
2020 and the beginning of 2021 have shown that our apartments and houses collectively have become both an office and a school – a place for distance learning and remote work. For many, housing has become a 24/7 place of stay.

Unlike residents of private houses, residents of apartments in multi-storey buildings have become hostages of their own square meters.
This significantly influenced the need to expand their living space and transfer interest towards suburban real estate – both for rent and for purchase.

The first lockdown showed that the number of people who are interested in purchasing suburban real estate has grown significantly – active demand has grown by 70%, and many have moved to suburban homes.
Inquiries went like buying a private house, but mostly for rent from 3-6 months.
The active demand for houses was reflected in the cost of rent – in the 2nd quarter of 2020, the price of suburban housing increased by 1.5-2 times.

After changes in interest towards a private house last year, we expect an active demand for houses in 2021. “- says the expert of the rental department Yanina Bondar.

We invite all owners of suburban real estate to cooperate, we will advise on prices, as well as advise those who are first faced with preparing housing for sale and rent.
For a successful and fast transaction, it will be useful to take into account a number of specific rules.

Our experts will be happy to help prepare real estate for the new season of active demand for suburban real estate.

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