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Sale of 4-room apartment Dragomirova, 14A - residential complex "Delmar"

  • USD
  • EUR
  • UAH
  • 310 000 $
  • 268 120
  • 8 292 900
Dragomirova, 14A
area: 176 m2

Sale of a spacious 4-room apartment 176m2 in the residential complex “Delmar” – Dragomirova, 14A.

Smart planning and the minimum number of load-bearing walls allow you to carry out the greatest design projects.

The complex of distributions for residential complex “Novopecherski Lypky” was commissioned by: supermarkets, beauty salons, restaurants, gyms, schools and preschool educational institutions, and also that child liquor has grown.

Peresglyady for pogodzhennyam be it a good hour for you.

  • 4 rooms
  • after construction
ID 335107
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Agency Novopecherskie Lipki offers for sale a new object at Dragomirova 2a "LCD Novopecherskie Dvor". The apartment is not renovated, which allows you to implement any design solutions. Species floor, two-sided layout, separate rooms. Possibility to re-plan as a 3 room or make 4 separate bedrooms. Views at any convenient time. Also, for a fee, they will consider the sale of 2 parking spaces
  • parking
  • 4 rooms
  • lift
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