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Penthouse for rent - Pavlivska, 17

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Pavlovskaya, 17
area: 155 m2

Rent a penthouse with a total area of 155 m2 in a quiet area of the city center on the street. Pavlovskaya, 17
The apartment is located in one of the most cozy corners of the city center. The apartment is divided into living and guest areas.
The windows of the guest area and the largest bedroom face east. Two rooms have windows facing the opposite side of the house in the courtyard. Modern renovation done in warm colors. There is a laundry room, utility room for washing machine and dryer. Kitchen with Italian furniture, built-in BOSCH appliances, German hood according to the cubic capacity of the room. Warm floor in the kitchen. From the kitchen there is access to the balcony. There is an office area with a built-in wardrobe to the ceiling, a desk and business-style furniture. The floor of the entire studio and corridor is covered with parquet. On the second level, two separate bedrooms have their own bathroom. Equipped toilet. The last bedroom has access to its own glazed balcony and is decorated in English style – discreet wallpaper from the Laura Ashly style, a corner wardrobe, a bed and two open shelving units in light wood. The rooms along the corridor on the left also have their own bathroom, decorated in white, blue and pink. There is one interior storage shed, an additional utility closet on the kitchen balcony, and a self-contained storage shed in the entryway one floor below the apartment.
Pavlovskaya is a unique place in Kyiv, it’s pleasant to walk around and everything you need is within walking distance, which is a rarity for a modern center.

  • 1 room
ID 335459
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