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Dragomirova street, 2A
area: 55 m2

Offered for rent 1-room apartment in the prestigious residential complex “Novopechersky dvor” on the street. Dragomirova 2-A.
High quality renovation, solid wood flooring, Venetian plaster, stylish wallpaper, Italian doors and European appliances.
Household appliances with night mode: washing machine, dishwasher, boiler (120L), large bathroom. There are also 2 wide-format wardrobes, refrigerator, TV, electric fireplace, heated floor in the bathroom, 2 air conditioners, heat meter, two-zone electricity meter.

Excellent infrastructure, secured area, the house has a supermarket, coffee shop and housing estate. Within walking distance of the Druzhby Narodov metro station, NOVUS, all types of public transport, restaurants and cafes.


  • furnished
  • renovated
  • 1 room
ID 130262
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