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Boychukа, 17
area: 64.5 m2

Sale of an apartment in the residential complex “52 – Pearl”, section 7.
Area 64.5 m2.

Modern residential complex in the center of Kiev, D’lux class.
The developer is the Odessa corporation KADORR Group. Residential complex “52 – Zhemchuzhina” is located next to the National Botanical Garden and the Government Quarter.
The spacious territory of the complex is bordered on one side by the picturesque Kiev hills, and on the other, it is separated by the existing buildings from the loud highways.
In the immediate vicinity of the cottage town
Tsarskoe Selo, prestigious sports grounds and a fitness club, schools and kindergartens.
The very location of the complex allows you to quickly get to anywhere in the city.
Undoubtedly, this is the saving of time, comfort and beauty of the life of a modern inhabitant of a metropolis.

  • 2 rooms
  • after construction
ID 130173
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The Signature complex is located in the very center of Kiev, a residential complex of premium class that is rapidly erected in the center of the capital. Three unique shaped towers are located on a multifunctional stylobate, will surely become part of the recognizable silhouette of Kiev. For the absolute satisfaction of the comfort of future apartment residents, the concept of "free planning" allows everyone to create their own space, arranging it for their own taste. Panoramic windows and high ceilings give you a sense of freedom. Green garden and intellectual fountains in the adjoining space, ultra-modern SPA-fitness zones, service at the level of a five-star hotel - all this makes life in the complex a unique reproduction of your personality. The complex is located on the street Mechnikova - in the classical cave hill, rich history of the cozy corner, which, being the center of the city, seems to be a bit hidden from a third sight
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Offered for sale 2-room apartment on Konoval'tsa, 36. Area 67m2. Author's design. 3 recreation areas - a living room with a sofa and a TV and a studio kitchen area and a separate bedroom, also with a separate isolated room that can be used as a bedroom - and as a study - which provides a home theater with all the installed technical capabilities. Water meters, filters, heating meters were supplied, 3 Panasonic invector air conditioners were installed, working for cooling, as well as for heating the room until - 20 frost. Also installed new armored doors from a leading manufacturer. An elite business class house, with a parking lot and elevators descend into the parking lot, a freight elevator with a double keypad located both vertically and horizontally - for convenience, there is an overground parking. Excellent infrastructure - restaurants and shops on the ground floor of the building. A couple of minutes of the Pecherskaya metro station, Novus shop All the infrastructure of the city center. There are 3 possible entrances to the house by car from different parts of the city in order to avoid traffic jams - the entrance to the house from the Pecherskaya metro station, from the Druzhby narodov metro station and from the Lybidskaya metro station. 5 minutes walking distance to the upper field of the Olympic stadium with an extensive green area for sports and walking, and tennis courts. Within walking distance of the historic city center, Lavra.
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Offered for sale is a view 2-room apartment with a total area of ​​75m2 in the residential complex " Frantsuzskiy kvartal - 2" at Dzhona Makkeyna, 3A. The condition of the apartment is after the builders. The windows of the apartment overlook the panorama of the city. The residential complex "French Quarter - 2" is a closed area, 24-hour security, concierge, access to the house and an elevator with a personal key, guest parking, children's and sports ground. Underground parking. Within walking distance of the Ocean Plaza shopping center, cinema, shops, Auchan, school, kindergarten, sports club, Lybidskaya metro station - 5 minutes walk.
  • 2 rooms
  • lift
  • after construction
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